Norway Diaries 1: T minus 24 days

So begins my series of blog posts on my research abroad in Norway. Twenty-four days and counting.

First thing’s first: here’s the link to my GoFundMe campaign to raise money for my trip, or click the many many green icons I have plastered and will continue to plaster around my site in order to help supplement funding. Monies are short, and Norway is expensive. You can also read about my project, including a detailed budget, on my Summary of Research Project page.

Second thing’s second: winter is coming. In a big way. Right from the arctic circle. I have purchased a good down coat and boots that keep me cozy in minus forty degree weather. Fun fact: Farenheit and Celcius match up around minus forty. Consequently, I also got me some Long John’s, and boy are they sexy.


Third and final thing: I have signed up for ice bathing in Trondheim’s fjord along with other lunatic international students. In January. I think it’s meant to be a bonding experience. I also think it’s meant for locals to laugh at the crazy foreigners.

Click pic for short video of loonies

I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, I’m still in preparation. Follow my blog (on the left-hand side colomn there’s a button to sign-up) and you’ll receive automatic updates on all my Norway adventures.

Stay warm.

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