Montreal: Police Brotherhood Building Vandalized with Severed Pig’s Head

I am being contacted by several Montreal media asking for a comment or an interview on recent events, but as I am currently in Norway doing research, I am unable to accommodate. My quote is in an article in the National Post (accurately represented), but for anyone seeking my entire comment, I have posted it here in its entirety.

Please note: I know nothing about the vandalism incident besides what is being reported. My comments below are based on my years of research into self-identified religious Satanists.

The overwhelming majority of persons or groups of religious Satanists are firmly law abiding, and openly denounce vandalism or criminal activities done in the name of Satan. Most Satanists do not actually believe in the devil (or god, for that matter), and instead view Satan as a metaphor for individualism, free-thought, and challenging the status quo. There are also Satanists that do believe in Satan, but again, would view him as an entity that represents similar ideals. Many Satanists are even pro-establishment and pro-law-enforcement, recognizing it as a necessary part of the social contract for all to live peacefully. (There are libertarian currents in satanic thought.)

Additionally, no satanic groups include dead animals in their rituals, and are firmly against animal mistreatment.

This type of incident knowingly incites fear with Satanic imagery (in a province such as Quebec, with its embedded Catholic history, satanic imagery would be especially provocative). Scholars refer to this as “youth rebellion Satanism” or “reactive Satanism.” But it is unlikely they would be practicing religious organized Satanists, as core Satanic thought explicitly forbids it.

* A good reference on how these types of vandalism can create moral panic is Jeffrey Victor’s, Satanic Panic: The Creation of a Contemporary Legend.

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