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Finally, here is my (in)famous doctoral dissertation:

“A Cabal of Outsiders: Negotiating the (Virtual) Boundaries of the Church of Satan.”

Go to to access it.

I may eventually host a public forum to answer questions, but it will likely be moderated by an academic colleague in my field. I’ll announce it if/when that gets organized.

It is free to access, however, by my count, academia owes me one million dollars for over a decade of unpaid labour, so here is my suggested gift scale:

  Black women: free
  Church of Satan members: free
  PhD graduates: free
  Contingent, part-time, adjunct scholars: free
  Administrators running departments: free
  Tenured professors: $20
  Administrators with those good, good salaries: $200
  John Oliver: free with a job offer (or $1000 of that sa-weet HBO $)
  Note: for academia at large, I no longer work without fair compensation.
  Consultation fee: variable, depending on project.

Also accepting gifts via:


Thanks, and Hail Satan!

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